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This page is for Langwiki developers and contributors all around the world. Of course, in this initial stage, we are a small group of creative and intelligent people.

Here you will find key engineering and editorial tasks that have been planned and worked on. You are welcome to make suggestions and comments. If you are interested in any task, you are welcome to work with us.

Areas under development [edit | edit source]

  • Language entry-point design and construction
  • Viewing languages
  • Voice recording
    • To fulfill the goal of showing core vocabulary of languages and dialects, we will make voice recording easy to use, and encourage users to respond to pronunciation requests.
    • Audio request browser ⌛️
  • Introductory Chinese (Mandarin) tutorial
    • English version (The goal is to really help foreigners study Chinese.)
    • Chinese version (the tutorial serves as a grammar textbook and template for writing tutorials for Chinese dialects)
  • Online dictionary
    • Chinese character pronunciation dictionary (古今中外汉字读音查询)
      • Add General Chinese Phonetics(新通用拼音)for dialects: Cantonese (粵), Minnan (閩南), Shanghainese (吳語上海話). ✅
      • Add General Chinese Phonetics(新通用拼音)for Korean ✅
      • Add case conversion tool (upper, lower, proper cases) Thanks to 叶剑飞. ✅
      • Convert Japanese text to Hiragana, Kitakana and Romanji ✅
      • Convert between the two forms of General Chinese Phonetics(新通用拼音). The two forms are Extended Latin and Basic Latin. ✅
      • Convert pure Korean text to mixed Hangul-Hanja text. ✅
      • Conversion between Manchu and latin ✅
      • Reversed lookup (from phonetics to Chinese characters) ⌛️
      • Add Mindong (閩東) dialect pronunciation ✅
      • Add Suzhou (蘇州) dialect pronunciation ✅
      • Manchu word lookup ✅
      • Revise Guangyun pronunciation v1.3
      • Improve Ming scholar's pronunciation (韻畧易通)
      • Prepare data for Ming folk pronunciation (中原音韻)
      • Provide GCP for Hakka
      • User-specific memoir (生詞本) and adaptive review scheme ✅
        • Web-based version ✅
        • User database ✅
        • Review scheme ✅
      • Document the phonetic system (General Chinese Phonetics)
    • New dictionary framework
      • Multiple languages ⌛️
      • Design ⌛️
        • Multiple dialects
        • Editable
    • Open API (provides query service for 3rd party applications and scripts) ✅
      • Needed by the chatbot ✅
  • Chatbot ⌛️
    • Core service
      • Simple instructions and dictionary query ✅
      • Push daily posts
      • User categories
    • QQ interface ✅
    • Wechat interface
    • Telegram support
    • Features
      • Traditional - Simplified conversion ⌛️
        • Single char: search variants and combine
        • Words: chars converted to the required form of each dictionary
    • Bot content
      • Wiki access (@bot) ✅
      • Grabbing Japanese lyrics ✅
      • Grabbing Korean lyrics ✅
      • Grabbing Cantonese lyrics ✅
  • Chat system
    • Chat server ✅
    • Chat client ✅
    • Bot API
    • Customized fonts
    • Customized IME
  • Voice synthesis
    • Start with a dialect ✅
    • Phoneme editing document ✅
    • Middle Chinese
      • Article on Middle Chinese pronunciation
      • Pending final pronunciation
  • 语言和方言信息采集
    • 词汇采集(初始词典、用户新增及更新)
    • 语音采集(页面基本词汇;词典词汇)
    • 列表显示被请求语音,鼓励发音
    • 语法信息采集
      • 收录语法书籍
      • 收录循序渐进教程
      • 语言维基设计通用语言信息收集卡,每张卡片就一个语言用法提问,用户填写例句和简要说明。覆盖语法、语义两方面信息。
    • 文学、语料收集(提供操作界面、索引、内容模版等)
    • 双语语料收集(提供操作界面、奖励机制)
    • 分区管理、团队运维
  • Font and IME resources
    • Popular fonts (Hanamin) ✅
    • Improve open fonts (Flash-based font editor) ⌛️
  • System improvement
    • Allow visual editing for Blogs and Templates ✅
    • Allow embedded videos ✅
    • Fix audio player ✅
    • Performance tuning ⌛️
    • Cluster construction
  • Mobile application
    • Langwiki browsing and editing
    • Online dictionary access
      • Update Android app
      • Add conversion functionalities
      • Update memoir functionalities

Contact us: QQ group  562374735(语言维基 新通用拼音)

Detailed planning for Manchu chatbot [edit | edit source]

指令集模型 [edit | edit source]

基本想法是 設計一個指令集


  1. 在指令集範圍內  每輸入一個指令 就會輸出相應的內容。
  2. 可以直接查詢單詞。單詞也被看作是一種指令。
  3. 点歌功能。
  4. 如果使用者輸入了指令以外的內容,等同于“invalid”指令。
  5. 开启报告模式后,输入的内容及相关信息(所在群以及报告者的QQ号码)会被编号(从1开始)后存档并传送到后台编辑者。(输入的具体内容直接传送,不存档。只对所在群以及报告者的QQ号码进行存档。)


edit: 修改某一指令所輸出的內容 若指令之前不存在 則創建此指令

delete: 刪除指令 即移出指令集

broadcast: 對所有使用者廣播

reply: 回覆報告,其內容會傳送到指定的使用者。




指令格式 指令权限 功能 指令举例
menu 显示菜单 menu
满语单词 查询单词 abka
 %edit(某一指令)更改后的输出文字 认证的编辑者 更改某一指令所输出的文字  %edit(menu)欢迎使用满语机器人!
 %delete(某一指令) 认证的编辑者 删除指令  %delete(xun)
 %broadcast[广播内容] 认证的编辑者 对所有使用者广播  %broadcast[我们推出了新的功能!]
 %reply(編號)[回覆內容] 認證的編輯者 回覆某一编号的报告信息

The commands that can only be used by 认证的编辑者 统一以“%”开头,它们对普通使用者是无效指令。

辭書計畫 [edit | edit source]


Database [edit | edit source]

Content Language Code Maintainer Note
Imperial Manchu Thesaurus mnc authorized Must be kept identical to the original book
Sin Man-Han mnc authorized Must be kept identical to the original book
Si-Han sjo no edit Released by official organization
New Manchu mnc anyone A wiki-style online dictionary
Standard Taiwanese Mandarin goyu no edit Copyrighted by Department of Education, Taiwan