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This page is under construction. It's mainly for English speakers to learn the Chinese language.

Preparation [edit | edit source]

The Chinese Language

Phonology and Pinyin (拼音)

Chinese characters (汉字基础知识)

Vocabulary (词汇)[edit | edit source]

Nouns (名词)[edit | edit source]

Countries (国家)

Numbers (数字)(基数词、序数词)

Colors (颜色)

Body parts (身体部位)

Time (时间)

Date (日期)

Holidays (节日)

Food (食物)

Animals (动物)

Plants (植物)

Places (处所)

Objects (日常用品)

Clothing (衣物)

Nature (自然)(海、山、河流、森林、花、月亮、地球等)

Weather (天气)

Family members (家庭成员)

Phrases and expressions [edit | edit source]

School (学校)

Workplace (工作场所)

Abstract nouns 抽象名词 [edit | edit source]

Whole/Parts 整体、部分

Verbs (动词)[edit | edit source]

Copula (系动词)

Exist (表示存在)

Like (喜好)

Basic actions (基本动作)

Abstract verbs (抽象动词)

Irregular verbs (不规则动词)

Modal verbs 情态动词(语法部分展开)

Adjectives (形容词)[edit | edit source]

Color (颜色)

Shapes (形状)

Tastes (味道)

Sizes (大小)

Speed (快慢)

Good/Bad (好坏)

New/old (新旧)

Right/wrong (正误)

Same/different (相同、不同)(可能属于动词)

Adverbs (副词)[edit | edit source]

Adverbs for time (时间副词)

Adverbs for places (地点副词)

Adverbs for manner (方式副词)

Adverbs for degree (程度副词)

Other adverbs (其他副词)

Functional words (功能词)[edit | edit source]

Personal pronouns (人称代词)

Possessive relation (所有格)

Prepositions for persons (与人有关的介词)(with,without)

Locational pronouns (方位代词)(这、那等,延伸用法)

Locations 方位词(名词 或者 介词)

Prepositions for locations (方位介词)

Prepositions for time (时间介词)(直到,从等) 连词 疑问词

Difficult words (难词) [edit | edit source]

Grammar (语法)[edit | edit source]

初级I[edit | edit source]

Word order 词序(SVO,SOV等)

Verb inflection intro (if any) 动词的变格(如有)

Honorifics (if any) 敬语(如有)

Questions 疑问句(疑问词)

Articles and similar 冠词、量词等

Simple noun phrases 简单名词词组

Plurality 复数

Adjective phrases 形容词(形容词修饰名词)

Adverbial phrases 副词(程度、状态、时间、频率;副词修饰动词)

Negation 否定式(动词,名词,形容词,副词)

Too/also 表达“也”(名词、动词)

Conjectives 连词(连接名词、形容词、副词、分句)

Gender 性别相关(阴性词)(如有)

Tenses and expression of time 动词时态(现在、过去、将来)(如有)

Imperatives 祈使句(建议式、问句式、命令式、否定祈使句)

Passive sentences 被动语态

初级II[edit | edit source]


Need “需要”

Willing to/want “愿意” “想要”(愿望)

May “可能”

Only “只”

Comparison 比较级、最高级的表达

Prepositional phrases 介词短语

Progressive tense (if any) 进行时(如果有)

Gerunds 动名词

More Tenses (if any) 动词时态(完成时等及其他)

Purposes 表示动作的目的

Clauses 从句(名词性、形容词性、连接词)

References for editors [edit | edit source]