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Deletion Request[edit source]

The following pages are requested to be deleted:

Reason: 首字母大写为错误格式,这些词条已经转移到相应的非首字母大写页面,原页面应删除,以免影响总计数。--Pawmot讨论) 2017年2月14日 (二) 05:28 (CET)

以上要求删除的页面已删除 [edit source]


Manchu OCR Development [edit source]


Is it possible to develop an OCR program which is specifically used to digitalize New Testament of Manchu version? It should be noticed that the whole book is written in a single font and in a very neat way, so it doesn't seem to be too difficult with the help of the Manchu dictionaries we already have. And it will be a very meaningful event if this succeeds. --Pawmot讨论) 2017年5月30日 (二) 19:46 (UTC)